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Perspective on Recent Shake Ups in the Edtech World

As many of us in the ed tech community closely follow the product launches, progress, funding, investment and trends of the sector  – some major news this week from Mediacore and our partners at Civitas Learning this week.  First, Mediacore. This one made me scratch my head a bit.  While the news won’t make

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Back to School: 4 Steps to Weave Video into a K-12 Lesson

After the long brutal winter of 2015 I’m sad to see the summer slowly come to an end. I’m starting to smell the crispness in the air, feel the less humid days, and see a few leaves begin to change color. All of this reminds me that school will soon begin across the nation. Working

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Some Tips for Using Video in Teaching & Learning

Using video in teaching and learning scenarios is extremely effective, especially when done right. We compiled some of the tips from our thought leaders at the Kaltura Connect Virtual Summit to share with you. We hope their insights will give you some ideas on how you can bring video to life for your students. These

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Guest Post: How to Make Reading More Engaging With Video

There’s something magical about opening a new book, flattening the binding, and gobbling up every word. While these pages come to life for some students, others don’t have the same experience, whether they have to work harder to understand the reading or just don’t enjoy it. Luckily technology, specifically video, makes it easier for you

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Will it be Possible to Close the Teacher/Student Digital Divide?

Kaltura’s VP of Education Justin Beck takes the time to explain why he believes it will not be possible to close the digital divide in the latest piece in Education Technology. His point boils down to the fact that digital technology is always advancing at such a rapid pace that there will never be a time


Client Advisory Board Report #2: Lifecycle Management of MultiMedia Assets – 3 Insights to Consider

As a follow up to our previous discussion around Digital Asset Management or “DAM” projects (I giggle everytime I write that), we pledged another post about the demands we are hearing from clients in Kaltura’s expanding education community.  As a reminder, Digital Asset Management (DAM) consists of management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation,

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Consumer Video Demand Meets Education

Recently, Kaltura’s Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Dr. Shay David, had the chance to present at NYU’s Stern School of Business during a NYUX event focused on Technological Innovation in Higher Education. Shay’s presentation introduces the idea that it is possible to use consumer-grade technology in an educational setting. Higher education is at a turning

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Kaltura Wins IMS Annual Leadership Award

On Monday the 4th at a pre-conference reception held by the Learning Leadership Impact Institute our efforts to promote interoperability of media assets for the education community to support collaboration among vendors, K12 districts and institutions was recognized. As a founding member of the Open Video Standard working group we were presented with a leadership

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If K-12 Education and Video Converge, What Would Make it Effective?

I began thinking about how far TV has come over the years. My father can remember when the first TV arrived on his block. All the kids would crowd around a window to get a glimpse of this mysterious square tube transmitting images from Hollywood or NYC. What a contrast to today’s viewership, where you

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Featured Product – Kaltura CaptureSpace

Kaltura CaptureSpace is a video capture solution that enables you to create rich media content right from your desktop. You can easily record multiple streams with synced slide decks with just a few mouse clicks. CaptureSpace was actually your idea. We constantly have conversations with customers and community members about how to make video part