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The Kalturian September 2012

Over the past month Kaltura released MediaSpace Version 4.0 – the newest version of our out-of-the-box video portal, which serves as a centralized video portal for enterprises, universities and media companies.  The new version introduces Channels, which can be private and public. Other features include: customizable look & feel, user based analytics, new security options and robust social features.

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August 2012, Kaltura Newsletter: Mobile SDK, EDU Video Trends, MediaSpace, Video Case Studies

Building a Kaltura-based video app has never been easier using Kaltura’s mobile SDK.  In the coming days we are about to release Native iOS and Android Reference Applications – these apps provide the basic framework of a video-focused application out-of-the-box, including advanced features such as: a custom player with bitrate selector; managed, resumeable file upload from camera capture or gallery; sharing on Facebook, Twitter and email; browse and search with auto-complete; and much more.  By using these reference apps you will be able to dramatically reduce costs and development and have your own video app ready within days.  Stay tuned for more details.

July 2012, Kaltura Newsletter: Falcon, MediaSpace 4, LMS Extension Upgrades, UVA Case Study

July was an eventful and exciting month for Kaltura and its partners.  On July 15th, we deployed a new version of our platform for our SaaS customers; Falcon.  Falcon is a major upgrade of our core platform.  Many of you have noticed changes in the Kaltura Management Console user interface. We also introduced a variety of new features like related video galleries (a feature that can be used to display and share related videos to your viewers within the video player), new player templates and improved analytics.  Stay tuned as we are planning a training webinar for all customers so we can show you more of the new features included in Falcon.  In the meantime, keep in mind that you will not have to switch to any new APIs or workflows if you are not interested in doing so as Falcon is fully backward compatible.

June 2012, Kaltura Newsletter: Kaltura EU Expansion, Video for Marketing, Groupon, SharePoint

We are delighted to update you that Kaltura is significantly increasing its European operations (full press release here) in order to meet rising demand for our technology among media companies, universities and enterprises in the region. Kaltura’s European headquarters are based in London, and our very own Leah Belsky has been appointed Vice President & General Manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa. A few thoughts from Leah: “Kaltura started exploring the UK market a year ago with a few sales consultants. Given the rapid growth and potential we saw with the UK broadcasters, universities and enterprises we decided to invest heavily in Europe, opening a new London headquarters right next to Tech City, with a full operational and sales team. European organizations are rapidly seeing that with Kaltura’s open source approach they get the flexibility to create custom solutions that weren’t previously possible.” As part of our new European activites, Kaltura has also launched the London Video Meetup as a place for the online video user and developer community to explore the future of media.

May 2012, Kaltura Newsletter: Analytics Guide, Drupal, Media Workflow, Ovation TV, Free Webinars

Spring is in the air and we thought this would be a great time to change things up a little.  We made some changes to our newsletter so that you can easily find all updated news, webinars, and videos.  We also chose a new name – The Kalturian – which is geared towards providing you with valuable information about Kaltura specifically, and the online video space in general.  If you have any thoughts, comments or if you want to contribute to The Kalturian in any way – we want to hear from you.