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November 22nd, 2011

First Higher Education Video Community User Group

by Perry.Fetterman

The use of video as a learning tool has accelerated rapidly across all aspects of campus life and we at Kaltura are embracing it with the creation of the first of many regional higher education user groups. Last week we helped kick off the first higher education video user group in Boston. The event took place on November 15th at MIT and focused on discussing the use of rich media in academic institutions and promoting knowledge sharing between them.

Teaching is as much a part of the academic institution as learning, so when discussing the format of the meeting all parties involved felt that providing a place to both teach and learn was the keystone of the endeavor. To that end, we attracted a mixed group of attendees that ranged from experienced rich media managers to rookies in rich media management trying to better understand how other institutions leverage video in the academic environment and how end users are consuming video in general.

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June 10th, 2011

Open Video & Kaltura Meetup Group – NYC

by Zohar Babin

Kaltura Open Video Meetup NYC

I’m happy to announce our NYC monthly meetings on Open Video, Web Broadcasting and Media Management.

If you’re around NYC and interested in meeting other Kaltura users and developers, learn about the latest and greatest and share ideas, our Kaltura NY User Group will start its regular monthly meetings on Tuesday, June 14th.

Join us in meeting fellow NY Kalturians and Open Video artists, hackers and thinkers.
We’ll find ways to engage and interact and explore solutions and workflows for web video, webcasting and management of media assets.
If you can join us on Tuesday, we’d love to meet you in person! Please RSVP here –

Join us in discussing use cases of online video, best practices, solutions and fascinating projects. We’ll announce a new meetup workshop about live web broadcasting and recording, discuss the new release of Kaltura Dragonfly and have beer with good people.

July 27th, 2010

Kaltura and Open Video Developer Meetup in NYC

by Jason

As you may have read on Kaltura’s corporate blog, we’re having a big meetup today, Tuesday, July 27th, 2010, at 6pm at Kaltura’s NYC HQ, right near Union Square (signup here).

It will be a good time with pizza and drinks and friendly open source video developers.
Besides taking the time to look more closely at Kaltura’s recent CE 2.0 release, we are all getting ready for the Open Video Conference hackathon in early October where everyone hopes to make some headway on our various open source video projects.