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December 6th, 2011

Automate Content Ingestion using Drop Folders – Part I

by Vitaly.Shter

Welcome to the second blog post in our series of video tutorial blogs. Here we will talk about advanced ingestion functionality, specifically the Kaltura monitored Drop Folder feature.

You can use a drop folder to automate an on-going workflow of media and/or metadata ingestion into Kaltura.  This allows for efficient and fast content ingestion in complex operational environments that require parallel work on metadata and media, as well as bulk ingestion of large amounts of content. This feature is intended for advanced Kaltura users who wish to utilize a more scalable and automated ingestion process than the manual upload functionality can provide.

Kaltura offers multiple configuration options for setting each drop folder to a specific workflow that fits your needs, from simple media upload tasks to bulk ingestion of complex media packages that include multiple media files and metadata items.

The video tutorial below will demonstrate an ingestion flow of pre-transcoded media files via a drop folder (option 2a below).

KMC Video Tutorial - Drop Folder

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December 1st, 2011

Kaltura’s Bulk Upload (Video)

by Roni Cohen

Whether you’re a medium sized video publisher or if you’re a media giant, “Bulk Upload” is an option that you should consider.

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November 24th, 2011

Editing Flavors in a Transcoding Profile

by Roni Cohen

In the last “Publishing Best Practices” series we provided information about how you can use templates in your publishing and explained what transcoding profiles (Aka Conversion Profiles) are.

This post will get you familiarized with everything you need to know about transcoding flavors properties or the KalturaConversionProfileAssetParams object in Kaltura API, this object links between the conversion profile and its related flavors, it also states each flavor and its unique behavior and properties such as how this flavor impacts entry readiness and what is the flavor generation policy.

So don’t adjust your needs to fit the defaults but rather adjust the defaults to fit your needs.

KMC Transcoding Profile Page

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November 14th, 2011

Use Templates in Your Publishing

by Roni Cohen

In our recent “Publishing Best Practices” series we provided information to help publish your content faster.

This post will show you how you can use template entries to increase your efficiency, spare you from repeating entering default values and make your publishing process more streamlined and professional.


KMC Transcoding Profile Page

image #1 - "Switch to Advanced Mode" in transcoding profile page

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November 1st, 2011

The Social Enterprise

by Russ Zack


Originally a term coined by CEO Mark Benioff, the “Social Enterprise” has become an increasingly hot topic these days. Jive, Yammer, and existing incumbents such as Microsoft and are delivering social enterprise applications to allow employees, vendors, and partners to work and communicate more efficiently across time zones, languages and geographies.
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October 26th, 2011

Content Moderation Workflows

by Roni Cohen

The Kaltura platform provides publishers with lots of great features and abilities. In this post and the next we will dive into some of the moderation features.


Content Moderation

A KalturaBaseEntry object includes moderation status which indicates whether the entry needs to be examined by an administrator or was already decided as an approved or rejected content. An Entry that awaits on the moderation queue is not yet available for public use, thus prevents unauthorized content from being automatically published on your site.


Moderation Screen KMC

Moderation Screen KMC

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October 3rd, 2011

Extra-Fast Publishing

by Assaf

A popular requirement for news websites and video publishers is to publish videos as quickly as possible. Kaltura allows publishers to control video asset readiness by allowing them to configure the transcoding settings to their needs.

Kaltura’s platform supports ingestion of all forms of rich media (including video, images, audio, PDF, SWF files), and allows publishers to define different transcoding profiles, depending on the publishing needs. Additional transcoding flavors can easily be added for publishing across different devices. Kaltura’s transcoding decision engine supports more than 60 video and image formats as well as 140 video and audio codecs.

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September 6th, 2011

The Kaltura Eagle Has Landed

by Roni Cohen

We are happy to announce the release of our new version – Eagle.  (Note that Kaltura’s SaaS edition has been upgraded already and the CE and On-Prem versions will be coming shortly.)

So here are some of the key features in this great release:

  • New Upload Tab – upload and prepare media entries directly from the main KMC menu regardless of what page you’re working on.
  • Upload Control – manage and control your uploads, set priorities, track progress, and continue working in the KMC while your uploads continue processing in the background.
  • In Video Search* – use Kaltura’s new “In Video Search” API to search for a specific phrase within a library of videos and find the exact point in the video where the phrase appears.
  • Multi Lingual Captions  – upload caption files directly into the KMC in different languages and formats. Allow users to select their preferred language and caption setting.
  • Clipping and Trimming – create clips from existing videos, set in and out points – each clip becomes its own media entry encoded to multiple flavors, and can be downloaded, distributed and played back on any device. You can also simply trim the length of a video – all directly from within the KMC.
  • Advertising – insert cue-point and add mid-roll and overlay ads in any video.
  • Metadata Improvements and Related Files* – manage multiple metadata schemas and append related documents to media entries.
  • Advanced Ingestion Capabilities -
    • Control the order of ingestion, create “Draft Entries” with metadata and attach the video later*
    • Use your own transcoders, and ingest the output flavors to Kaltura*
    • Host videos at your preferred location and link to Kaltura*
    • Automate content ingestion using Drop Folders*
    • Seamlessly replace video assets for a Kaltura entry, media is replaced in all live and syndicated players

Note that all existing Kaltura accounts (SaaS) have been automatically upgraded to Eagle, certain features (marked * below) do not apply to all Kaltura packages. Eagle is fully backward compatible.

In the following weeks we’ll provide more information and cover some of the features in detail so you can learn more about this exciting release.

Read more at our Kaltura Eagle Release – What’s New document.

Stay tuned!