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May 27th, 2011

The Power of Community Edition 4 Now

by Jason

The “Dragonfly” edition of Kaltura Community Edition 4 (CE4) is hot off the presses and ready to install on your own Linux server. Most of the features of our Dragonfly SaaS release are now available for your deployment pleasure in one handy gzipped downloadable [click here to download it now].

Enhanced user roles and permissions, content distribution (syndication) with batch workflow, HTML5 mobile enhancements, and improved thumbnail management are included. CE4 also has one developer feature that you won’t find in our SaaS. The UIConf Management Tool, which is accessible via the Admin Console, makes it easy to manage and apply changes to Flash widgets and components.

Editing UIconfs with the UIConf Management Tool

Like Community Edition 3, CE4 is targeted at 32-bit and 64-bit Linux servers. So far, CE4 has only been tested on CentOS 5.6 (64-bit). Prerequisites and installation are also similar to CE3 [click here to browse the installation documentation].

For a complete list of limitations and issues with the CE4 release, please read the release notes. As always, you can discuss CE4 in our Community Edition Forum and file bug reports in our bug database.

We will release a VMware image of CE4 next week. Amazon EC2 images and other installation options will show up soon.

March 5th, 2011

Kaltura Drupal 7 module

by Lior.Kesos
This is a guest post by our Drupal partners – Linnovate.
Lior Kesos is a veteran open source geek innovator and co-founder of Linnovate a leading drupal shop from Israel and a creative Kaltura integrator.We’ve been busy at work getting the Kaltura Drupal module upgraded to Drupal 7.With the new architecture, we’ve moved from having a “Kaltura Node” to a Field based integration. This is crazy! We’re now realizing the gamut of exciting new features we can create in Drupal with the Kaltura Video Fields associated to various Drupal elements.

As we’re releasing the alpha version for everyone to play around with, I thought I’d share some of the cool things that I have been playing around with so far –

Comment Expressively – Video Commenting
Discussions are way more fun when you’re heard and seen. Now you’re able to record with a webcam or upload a pre-recorded or edited video, into any comment. Finish every post with a short video encouraging people to video-comment themselves, and watch as a live active discussion will take place right below the article!


No More Boring Avatars – Video Powered User Profiles
Using the Kaltura Video Field, you are now able to replace the image with a video or add a video instead of the Bio text.
The user profile pages will now become the center of attention keeping users on your site for longer. Got a social network or dating site? Using video on the user profile will increase credibility and create a more engaging experience for your users.

Taxonomy Image On Steroids! – Category Video
The Kaltura Field can be of any type of media (picture, audio, and video).
Say you have an ‘elephants’ category, instead of just having text or a simple image to describe the category, you could post a taxonomy video in the head of the taxonomy page, presenting an elephants video above the tagged nodes. Taxonomy pages are now compelling and more descriptive than ever!

Try out the Module at –
Let us know your thoughts and ideas for more features below.

Join us at DrupalCon (booth #73) to see more exciting use cases, for a fun code sprint and free beer!



January 27th, 2011

Sharing Drupal (Module) Love!

by Zohar Babin

As you may have experienced, the last couple releases of our Drupal module had room for improvement. The feedback we received was that there were some issues with features, a few bugs, and non-compliance with Drupal coding standards. And if you’ve been following the discussions and issue queue on, you might also know we’ve been listening and learning.

Now we’re getting ready for the best release yet! We’ve been hammering hard at two things – bugs squashing and redesigning.

Drupal 6 2.x – The Grand Bug Squash!

Thanks to our dear friend Chris Burgess (@grobot, of GiantRobot, and a number of users who have been tending to our issue queue, we are now ready to go beta. Many of the outstanding issues have been fixed, much of the code was reworked to match Drupal coding standards, and, in general, we are now ready for a massive testing phase. If all goes well,  and we get enough successful beta tests, the 2.0 release should be out by the end of February!

So what are we testing in D6 2.0? Read the following summary from Chris Burgess:
“The new series will take a much more “Drupal” approach under the hood, improving the ability of sites to extend using standard Drupal APIs and resolving a number of issues which affected sites. Improved support for the full range of Kaltura service offerings will mean easier setup and less issues for people running CE or On Prem servers. The 2.x series contains some thirty-odd bugfixes already (65 total issues including support, features, etc.). Improvements touch on most areas of the module, including installation, admin UI, themeability, and integration with Views and CCK.”

Additionally, D6 2.0 will include support for Kaltura Community Edition 3.0, and the HTML5 Media Library will be integrated (thanks to Chris Millet, Michael Dale and others…), enabling HTML5 video playback to support mobile devices where Flash is not allowed.

But you don’t have to wait for this new release to see what’s possible with Drupal and Kaltura. To give you some ideas of what you can do with the existing 1.5 version, check out these two case studies: Promoting and Monetizing Video through Drupal and Kaltura and Annenberg Social News Platform .

If you’d like to help get 2.x out there quickly – download the latest 2.x from the project page and post any issues you find on the issue queue.

Drupal 7 – Planning ahead… Redesign.

After reading through the many comments, discussions, and feature requests expressed on the issue queue, and after huddling with our partners Linnovate, we’ve come up with the following short-term plan to  honor the release of Drupal 7. We’ll be redesigning the existing Kaltura Drupal 6.x module and creating a Drupal 7 version.

Our 7 missions for the Drupal 7 module:

  1. Drupal 7 compliancy.
  2. Complete Drupal coding standards and testing for:
    1. Easier integration with other key modules.
    2. Easier skinning & theming, and compatibility tests with a few popular themes.
  3. Support for HTML5 Video playback (based on the Kaltura html5 video library).
  4. Keeping the existing functionality of the Kaltura Module 6.x-2-dev.
  5. Develop unit tests for new and existing functionality.
  6. Better documentation: inline and guides.
  7. Supporting fields and deprecating nodes.

You’ve probably noticed number 7 is in Italic. Reviewing various implementation possibilities and other Drupal modules, we feel that using fields will be a smarter way of integrating video and media assets into Drupal, allowing for more fine grained integration with Drupal core and better options to extend the module.

Would you like to help make it better? Let us know what you think in the comments and on the issue queue.

What else on our mind?

This list is far from being a plan, but take a look and let us know how feel about the features below. If it’s any good, it might even be included in the release after this.

  1. Integration with Media Module – As we’ve seen some demand for this, it make sense to investigate how Kaltura and Media module can be integrated. At first glance, not as something that will replace the base Kaltura module, but as either an additional option of the Kaltura module or a new module that will provide Media module integration (like Media:YouTube perhaps?). See the issue (#800060) on the Media module tracker.
  2. Time based interactivity features: chaptering, subtitles & transcriptions, annotations
  3. Additional metadata integration: structured categories and custom data fields, etc. Deeper RDF integration