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January 17th, 2014

Wikimedia Community Debates H.264 Support On Wikipedia Sites

by Michael Dale

Wikimedia has been a long time supporter of royalty free formats, but is now considering a shift in their position. From the RfC:

To support the MP4 standard as a complement to the open formats now used on our sites, it has been proposed that videos be automatically transcoded and stored in both open and MP4 formats on our sites, as soon as they are uploaded or viewed by users. The unencumbered WebM and Ogg versions would remain our primary reference for platforms that support them. But the MP4 versions would enable many mobile and desktop users who cannot view these unencumbered video files to watch them in MP4 format.

This has stirred a heated debate within the Wikimedia community as to whether the mp4 / h.264 format should be supported. Many wikimedia regulars have weighed in, resulting in currently an even split between adding the H.264 support or not. The request for comment is open to all users of Wikimedia, including the broader community of readers.

What do you think about supporting H.264 on Wikimedia sites?

April 5th, 2012

HTML5 Gravy Train; All over your Kaltura Players

by Michael Dale

Late last year the Kaltura HTML5 library switched from a quarterly release cycle with massive updates to more regular releases. We accomplished this transition by increasing efforts in automated testing, building a more modular framework for adding features, and making use of git branches. This has enabled us to have a much quicker turn around on bugs and new features. In this blog post I highlight some of the features we have added over the past few months and how they enable Kaltura players to stay in sync and benefit from the rapidly evolving HTML5 platform.

To help stay on-top of all the new features and bug fixes we have created a Release Notes page that tracks every feature, as it gets tagged, goes through QA and makes its way to production.

  • True HTML5 Fullscreen, With the release of Firefox 10, Firefox has joined chrome and safari in supporting a native fullscreen api. Kaltura’s rapid release cycle we can now enable true HTML5 fullscreen across the massive Kaltura player base. The latest release of Chrome, Firefox, and desktop Safair, can all play kaltura HTML5 video in fullscreen. Microsoft IE9, iPad iOS are continued to be supported by pseudo in-browser-window fullscreen. You can give a try on any kaltura player
  • DoubleClick IMA3 plugin. Double Click has done a massive update to their DFP library and the kaltura html5 library has been updated to take advantage of this new api. 

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