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February 24th, 2015

The Must-See TV of the Future is Personal, Smart and in the Cloud

by Joe Fleischmann

Turner’s new multi-screen TV Everywhere service debuted on February 22nd with the streaming of the Academy Awards ceremony over the Internet across the Latin America region.  The service is powered by Kaltura’s market-leading OTT TV platform, and is hosted on IBM’s SoftLayer cloud infrastructure, which provides market leading performance, control and scalability.  The service includes live television channels and video-on-demand television episodes.  It is offered in Spanish and Portuguese and available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

TNT App-small

Kaltura’s Ido Wiesenburg Vice President of TV and Media had this to say in a recent post on IBM’s A Smarter Planet Blog

TV is becoming personal, allowing each family member to enjoy a different flavor of TV. Imagine a TV that recognizes you – the viewer – and offers personal discovery of content based on your taste, your favorites, your likes and your friends.

Utilizing crowd sourcing tools, each viewer finds the most relevant and personal content. TV is already everywhere – on our smartphone, tablet, web browser, set-top box and virtually on any connected device. The next frontier is Cloud TV that provides a seamless experience across devices and are targeted to our own identity, preferences and social circles as one.

Read the rest of his blog post here:

June 2nd, 2011

Spin Up Kaltura On Rackspace Auto-Magically

by Jason

Kaltura has an expansive and popular SaaS (Software as a Service) offering that lets our customers host and manage hundreds of thousands of videos, images, audio files, and documents. But one of our major competitive advantages is that we offer self-hosted versions of our media platform as well.

Our popular, totally free, open source Community Edition has been downloaded over 100,000 times and is hosted on sites, both large and small, around the world.

Hosting media (especially video) can be complicated, but our new partnership with Rackspace makes it easier than ever to get Kaltura’s self-hosted media platform up and running in your Rackspace Cloud account.

We’ve built upon the Rackspace Cloud Server API, so that all you have to do is submit a simple web form and an Ubuntu 10.4 Linux server with Kaltura’s Community Edition pre-installed will spin up in your Rackspace Cloud Server account.

To try out Kaltura with your Rackspace Cloud account, just put your username and API key into our handy form (you can find your API key in your Rackspace Cloud management console. Login to your Rackspace Cloud account and go to the “Your Account” tab, and then to the “API Access” tab).

Click here to get started with your Kaltura CE Image on the Rackspace cloud!

After your server spins up, you just need to take a few simple steps to finish installing Kaltura.

Kaltura on the Rackspace Cloud is a win-win partnership that adds value for all of our mutual customers.

November 18th, 2010

Kaltura in the Amazon Cloud

by Jason

We’ve been listening to our community. And besides an easier & faster installation flow for the Kaltura CE, we’ve read on the KalturaCE forums, Facebook, and surveys that you want Amazon Cloud Images.

So we’re pleased to offer two Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), a 32-bit image and a 64-bit image, pre-configured with Ubuntu Linux 10.4 LTS and the newly released Kaltura Community Edition version 3.0, ready to launch:

ami-a80ef9c1 – This is Kaltura CE 3.0 running on 32-bit Ubuntu 10.4 LTS
ami-ae0ef9c7  – This is Kaltura CE 3.0 running on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.4 LTS

[May 12th, 2011 update to remove ssh keys from image]

ami-d8ad53b1 – This is Kaltura CE 3.0 running on 32-bit Ubuntu 10.4 LTS
ami-9cad53f5  – This is Kaltura CE 3.0 running on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.4 LTS

The 32-bit image is targeted for economical sites that have mild bandwidth and horsepower requirements.  For more powerful sites, the 64-bit image can be used on Amazon’s largest machine sizes. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to launch your own Kaltura Community Edition server and be productive immediately: uploading, converting, transcoding, monetizing, analyzing, and syndicating your media assets.
Available initially in Amazon’s US-east availability zone, these images use Amazon’s Elastic Block Store (EBS) which ensures that your data will still be intact if there’s a system crash. You can choose to launch a single 32-bit server with 1 virtual core and 1.7gig of RAM, all the way up to multiple 64-bit servers with 8 virtual cores and 68gig of RAM each, and up to a terabyte of EBS media storage for each server.

Only a few simple tasks are necessary to be and running (you should have access to an SMTP mail server or get a free account at or another SMTP vendor).

Complete installation details are available on our documentation page. If you’d like to learn how to use Amazon EC2, refer to the EC2 Getting Started Guide.

Help us improve our product by opting in to system data reporting during installation, provide feedback in our forums, and post bug reports on our bug tracker.