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January 9th, 2012

Using Kaltura APIs in Native iOS Apps

by Eran.Kornblau

We have launched a new Objective C / Cocoa client library!

As you know, the Kaltura server provides an API that can be used to access all its functionality. These APIs are REST based (or REST-ful), this means that in order to execute an API call, you can just retrieve a URL, like you’d open a webpage.
Any language that can retrieve data from a URL can work with our system, meaning almost all possible programming languages.

However, in practice it would require a fair amount of effort to put together the correct URLs and to interpret the results that come back. This is where client libraries come in. These libraries are created by Kaltura in a variety of programming languages, to make it easier to use the Kaltura API.  Also, as experts in our own APIs, we create these in the best possible way, so everything should work faster and better.

All our client libraries are available to download here (or under http://[YourKalturaServer]/api_v3/testme/client-libs.php).

The new objective C library enables native iOS / Mac-OS applications to use the Kaltura API. As all other client libraries, this library is auto-generated, and therefore always updated with the latest API changes. This library is bundled with a static library Xcode project, for easy integration with existing projects.

Kaltura on iPhone


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November 29th, 2011

Expand your Reach with the Kaltura Exchange Partner Program

by Luda Ruditsky

Having helped many ISVs, startups and organizations to increase their visibility and revenue via the Kaltura Exchange, we are delighted to expand our Technology Partner Program and invite more companies and developers to join. The Program is designed to provide our partners with the opportunities to enhance their own solutions with the Kaltura Online Video Platform capabilities, to build joint product and service offerings and to jointly develop marketing and sales strategies.

Kaltura‘s platform allows ISVs and developers to build and integrate a broad range of solutions and services to address a variety of requirements in different markets.

A quick look at the solution categories on the Kaltura Exchange can give you an idea of the types of solutions and services currently available.

See where you fit in!

Kaltura Exchange Overview
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