Spin Up Kaltura On Rackspace Auto-Magically

by Jason

Kaltura has an expansive and popular SaaS (Software as a Service) offering that lets our customers host and manage hundreds of thousands of videos, images, audio files, and documents. But one of our major competitive advantages is that we offer self-hosted versions of our media platform as well.

Our popular, totally free, open source Community Edition has been downloaded over 100,000 times and is hosted on sites, both large and small, around the world.

Hosting media (especially video) can be complicated, but our new partnership with Rackspace makes it easier than ever to get Kaltura’s self-hosted media platform up and running in your Rackspace Cloud account.

We’ve built upon the Rackspace Cloud Server API, so that all you have to do is submit a simple web form and an Ubuntu 10.4 Linux server with Kaltura’s Community Edition pre-installed will spin up in your Rackspace Cloud Server account.

To try out Kaltura with your Rackspace Cloud account, just put your username and API key into our handy form (you can find your API key in your Rackspace Cloud management console. Login to your Rackspace Cloud account and go to the “Your Account” tab, and then to the “API Access” tab).

Click here to get started with your Kaltura CE Image on the Rackspace cloud!

After your server spins up, you just need to take a few simple steps to finish installing Kaltura.

Kaltura on the Rackspace Cloud is a win-win partnership that adds value for all of our mutual customers.

13 Responses to “Spin Up Kaltura On Rackspace Auto-Magically”

  1. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for an easy way to spin Kaltura up on my Rackspace Cloud Server. I’m going to do it now!

  2. So Bruce — it is one week later — how did the Auto-Magic installation go. Is it as easy as we are being led to believe?

    Looking forward to your response.

  3. I am having trouble connecting to the database after spinning this server up through rackspace form. When I run install.php I get this.

    One or more prerequisites required to install Kaltura failed:
    Failed to connect to database user:root. Please check the database settings you provided and verify that MySQL is up and running.

    Please resolve the issues and run the installation again.

    I can access mysql and create databases manually just fine. Any ideas on how to fix this. i have tried overriding the db_params object and manually typing in host, user, pass and port.

  4. I have spun up the Kaltura on the Rack Cloud- little disappointed –
    1.the version is old KMC3 not KMC4
    2. the Live video streaming fails to provision
    3. Looks likee HTML5 is not compatible with playlists
    4. support has yet to get back to me via phone or email

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      1. CE4 on Rackspace is just around the corner. Soon to be released, it’s currently in testing.
      2. Live Streaming is not a part of Kaltura CE’s core, it requires you’ll have your own streaming server like FMS/Red5/Wowza or be using a CDN like Akamai. You can find guides about it in the blog and in the Kaltura CE documentation on Kaltura.org.
      3. HTML5 Library is the same as the one used on Kaltura.org (of course older, as Kaltura.org is the trunk). The HTML5 widget used on the KMC doesn’t show in Playlist mode, however, via small code integration on your site, your playlists can be HTML5’ed too. Check out the guides on Kaltura.org HTML5 library documentation for more details.
      4. Did you try posting on the forums?

  5. If you’re looking for the latest Kaltura CE 4 – Check this blog post: http://blog.kaltura.org/community-edition-4-on-rackspace

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