Community Edition 4 on Rackspace

by Jason

It’s been only a month since we rolled out our latest open source offering, Kaltura Community Edition 4 (CE4), and we’re pleased to announce that now, thanks to our partnership with Rackspace, you can make a CE4 server appear in your Rackspace cloud account with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Using our same simple form we mentioned a few weeks back, you can easily launch CE4 or CE3 on Rackspace. CE3 is launched on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.4 and CE4 on 64-bit CentOS 5.6. CE4 is based on the current version of our SaaS and has most of the same bells and whistles.

You can find the link to our updated form in our CE4 on Rackspace installation guide.

  • Koen

    Any idea when the Amazon image for CS4 will be released? Looking forward to it…

  • Jason

    There are already a couple of test versions you can play with:

    ami-7cdd2515 KalturaCE-4.0.0_TEST_32-bit_CentOS_5.6_20110616
    ami-2add2543 KalturaCE-4.0.0_TEST_64-bit_CentOS_5.6_20110616

  • Koen

    Thank you, Jason. I’ve installed it onto EC2 and it seems to be working… Should this be a stable release already? Will there be an official release also?

    • Jason

      The current EC2 images or CE4 are just test releases. They are UNofficial and may have issues. There will be an official release soon.

  • Koen

    Any release date for the official release? We played around with the current EC2 images, we managed to install but it seems quite buggy (especially when saving through the webcam interface) and unstable (we have to reboot every few days).

  • Charles Coleman

    Thanks for updating that at Rackspace… we were waiting for that.

  • anil

    Error: The server was not created. The error code returned was: 404
    The image id could not be found.

    keep getting when trying to spin up server …. any ideas (usimg ce4)

  • anil

    image is on core accounts – if you are on managed service with rackspace the image wont work

    can someone update so managed server image is available at rackspace

    this is the feedback from Rackspace

    • Zohar Babin


      Images are for CLOUD servers only, it can’t be supported via the shared hosting accounts…

  • Jonathan

    I get the same error: “Error: The server was not created. The error code returned was: 404
    The image id could not be found.”

    However, I am using the cloud servers. Can you tell me if the images are still valid? It appears that they are no longer working.

    • Zohar Babin

      Hi Jonathan. As it say on the page, we’re currently in maintenance mode and the form may not be active at times. We’ll release it again in the coming days. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Jason

    OK, So I can now SSH into the ami-7cdd2515 32bit Server hosted on Amazon AWS, the ssh user is ec2-user. I have terminal, but i can’t get su to work, what is the default password.