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March 1st, 2012

Kaltura Launches its New Video Package for Moodle 2.x – Engage Your Students with Video

by Vitaly.Shter

Kaltura is delighted to announce the release of the new Kaltura Video for Package for Moodle 2.x!

Would you like to enable students in your institution to watch video clips, view video presentations/lectures synchronized with slides, and submit video assignments? You can now do this in Moodle without requiring students or faculty to download files or link to other websites. Unleash the potential of rich media in courses to improve student engagement, creativity, and learning results, and at the same time reduce the costs and complexity of video management, all integrated into your Moodle environment.

Our new release supports the latest Moodle LMS versions available (2.0 and up), and introduces revamped video-centric workflows for teachers and administrators:

1) Easily add video/audio content to courses (recorded class discussions, presentations, and any copyright media)
2) Create synchronized playback of a video presentation and any document (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc.)
3) Allow students to submit video responses to assignments, with a workflow to support teacher grading and feedback

The Kaltura video package now also supports video playback over mobile devices, allowing students and faculty to enjoy the video features on the-go. This package for Moodle 2.x, along with Kaltura’s revamped video block for Moodle 1.9, is part of Kaltura’s ongoing commitment to our customers and community using the Moodle LMS.

Get a free trial of the Kaltura Video Package for Moodle 2.x, test-drive it on the demo site, learn more about the benefits and features, and watch the video walk-through below.

This tutorial is based on the Kaltura Video Package for Moodle 2.x.

February 10th, 2012

Closed Captioning, Transcripts, and Subtitles for Videos

by Art Morgan

This is a guest post by Art Morgan , VP of Partner Development at Automatic Sync Technologies (AST). AST is a valued Kaltura Exchange partner that provides high quality transcripts, closed captioning, and subtitles for video, allowing video producers to quickly and efficiently make their videos accessible, searchable, and discoverable.

Many of AST’s customers in higher education are moving their video content to the Kaltura platform, so we began working with Kaltura to create a workflow integration that would meet their needs.  The Eagle release of the Kaltura SaaS platform provided the perfect opportunity, with its new APIs for closed caption ingestion and video search.  After gathering feedback from the Kaltura developer community and joint customers, AST released an integration that allows Kaltura users to request transcription and closed captions for videos from within the KMC with drag and drop simplicity.  Whether you have just a few videos or thousands, the process is entirely automated, resulting in accessible videos optimized for video search. The video tutorial below explains the setup process and how to caption your Kaltura videos using AST’s CaptionSync service.


Setting Up Closed Captions using AST CaptionSync

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January 25th, 2012

New iGoogle Gadget from Kaltura Exchange Labs

by Luda Ruditsky

Have you thought about having your Kaltura videos right inside your iGoogle page next to your daily news and weather updates?

With the Kaltura iGoogle gadget from the Kaltura Exchange Lab you can watch your favorite videos in your iGoogle page and/or use this gadget as a reference code to get started with implementing your application using OpenSocial and Kaltura API.

What is Kaltura’s iGoogle gadget?

The Kaltura iGoogle gadget is an OpenSocial gadget which allows watching Kaltura videos right inside your iGoogle page.

Kaltura iGoogle Gadget
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January 10th, 2012

Kaltura Exchange site got refreshed and improved look

by Luda Ruditsky

We have given the Kaltura Exchange web site a makeover to better serve our partners.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, the Kaltura Exchange is the virtual marketplace of video-related apps, plugins and services related to the Kaltura platform, a collection of free and paid solutions and services that extend the Kaltura Video Platform functionality.

The new site is designed to better cater to Kaltura publishers and users and it includes a new look and a new categorized search, which make it easier to find and evaluate solutions. Any ISV or developer can become a Kaltura Partner and expose their video solutions and services to Kaltura’s customer community and partner ecosystem by following the simple steps presented on the site.

Kaltura Exchange Site Images

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November 29th, 2011

Expand your Reach with the Kaltura Exchange Partner Program

by Luda Ruditsky

Having helped many ISVs, startups and organizations to increase their visibility and revenue via the Kaltura Exchange, we are delighted to expand our Technology Partner Program and invite more companies and developers to join. The Program is designed to provide our partners with the opportunities to enhance their own solutions with the Kaltura Online Video Platform capabilities, to build joint product and service offerings and to jointly develop marketing and sales strategies.

Kaltura‘s platform allows ISVs and developers to build and integrate a broad range of solutions and services to address a variety of requirements in different markets.

A quick look at the solution categories on the Kaltura Exchange can give you an idea of the types of solutions and services currently available.

See where you fit in!

Kaltura Exchange Overview
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November 22nd, 2011

Video Killed The Couch Potatoes – Introducing attracTV

by Tzahi.Sofer

This guest post is authored by Tzahi Sofer, CEO of attracTV. attracTV is a Kaltura Technology Partner and the first vidget (video widget) platform – Whether it’s social viewing, commercial transactions, searching for program-related information or any other interactive content, vidgets give publishers, advertisers and developers tools to engage viewers while they watch a video, and all these activities are tracked, monitored and analyzed.


There is no doubt that video has become a significant part of the world of online business. Online video viewing in general and Internet TV in particular are increasing dramatically. Top-of-the-line network content, together with live sporting events, concerts, etc. are bringing millions of people to spend more and more time viewing programs on their personal computers and mobile devices. Substantial resources are being poured into this effort. Audience growth has jumped as viewers have come to appreciate the flexibility of a high-quality, television-like viewing experience.

Somewhere along the line, we have overlooked the fact that these viewers are seasoned Internet users who are not satisfied with a static viewing experience.

Introducing the attracTV vidgets platform. This new integration connects publishers’ vidgets account at attracTV with their Kaltura players and videos. In addition, developers can develop vidgets on top of attracTV’s platform and make them available to publishers.

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November 1st, 2011

The Social Enterprise

by Russ Zack


Originally a term coined by CEO Mark Benioff, the “Social Enterprise” has become an increasingly hot topic these days. Jive, Yammer, and existing incumbents such as Microsoft and are delivering social enterprise applications to allow employees, vendors, and partners to work and communicate more efficiently across time zones, languages and geographies.
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October 24th, 2011

The Cent2Cent Commerce Integration With Kaltura

by Roby.Baruch

This is a guest post by Roby Baruch, Co-Founder and VP of Products at Cent2Cent. is a valued Kaltura Exchange partner that provides content e-commerce solutions to publishers of all sizes who wish to sell media online.

We are happy to announce a very special Kaltura & Cent2Cent  integration available to all Kaltura CE or On Prem users. The new integration provide publishers all the latest and greatest of the Cent2Cent content commerce rules and transaction management options right from within their Kaltura Management Console!

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October 14th, 2011

Announcing: San Francisco Based Kaltura Meetup Group

by Zohar Babin

We’re excited to share the news about the new San Francisco based Kaltura Group!
Find more details in the invitation below.

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September 29th, 2011

Kaltura Exchange – The Global Video Solutions Marketplace

by Luda Ruditsky

To succeed in today’s market, companies need innovative ideas, must be agile, deploy stable solutions quickly, reach a wide audience and impress the enterprise giants.

It’s no wonder then that many ISVs, startups and solution providers are turning to the Kaltura Exchange, the Video Application and Services Marketplace, where Kaltura Technology Partners showcase their solutions and services to over 150,000 Kaltura SaaS publishers and thousands of Kaltura admins and service providers worldwide.

The heart of the Kaltura Platform is in its extremely flexible core and endless extension possibilities. A wealth of Web Services (REST API) and associated SDKs (API Client Libraries) coupled with Open Source licensing and flexible business models allow Kaltura Tech Partners to create powerful tools, innovative solutions and services.

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