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March 5th, 2014

The Kaltura European Executive Forum: The Philips Innovation Brand

by Zohar Babin

bafta-kalturaOn Feb, 12th we hosted our first European Kaltura Executive Forum at the prestigious BAFTA venue in London.  Customers, prospects and partners attended in response to the success of Connect in New York and the subsequent request for local peer to peer networking events.

As the first of many to follow in different cities and countries, the evening made the audience the core focus.  After a brief welcome and introduction by Russ Zack, VP & GM Europe and Michal Tsur, CMO, President and Co-founder, Paul Osgood from Philips took the floor.

Paul is the Internal Communications Manager for Philips headquartered in Amsterdam.  From his first word he captivated everyone with his exuberance as he took us through short films created by employees and agencies demonstrating how video has taken internal social collaboration to the next level.  Most compelling were the video stories that employees shared with fellow colleagues spread across the globe and how Philips has made a difference to their lives and those of family and friends.

Everyone in the room had myriad questions which stimulated a distinct rethink about how the first audience for any communication is the personnel.  The remit was simple apparently, based on one single question:

Tell us how Philips delivers innovation that matters to you.

Within a few short weeks people had jumped on board and were posting their short films.  No storyboards, no scripts.  Yet here we saw firsthand how passionate and creative staff were with no formal video production skills.   Interaction was encouraged and engagement measured through views, likes and comments.  By sharing their stories the company celebrated a wave of digital camaraderie never achieved through other means of communication.

The buzz continued as Philips relaunched it’s brand purely to the global employees outside of office buildings with countdowns reminiscent of any New Years Eve midnight strike.  This time they used an agency to create a brand video mixing many of the exciting videos created by their employees (watch: Philips Innovation and You Brand Video) and launching with an dazzling video presentation on the facade of their office buildings generating a new interactive viewing experience for employees out on the streets to enjoy.  The fact that passers by and the rest of the world were welcome to join in the fun without any invitation once again showed how committed Philips is to making every individual a part of the collective, removing international and physical barriers to personnel interaction and integration.  Everyone outside of the Philips collective was quite frankly secondary to this huge rebranding campaign.

They seemed to have cracked the secret code of innovative communication and engagement using video.  There was no doubt that it was working - the results spoke for themselves and continue to do so.

At this point in the evening there was a definite buzz of excitement as we all had lightbulb moments (yes I know Philips makes lightbulbs so pardon the pun).  Further, I had the feeling that everyone in the room was actually understanding what the Philips global team already understands:  how video adds value as a social business collaboration tool.

It seemed that this new compelling insight was creating a new kind of warmth and light and what does one need when inspired and the imagination is peaked?  Cocktails and canapes of course.  In the relaxed and cosy surroundings of the venue, attendees mingled with Kalturians and each other, sharing their own stories and networking.

Paul continued to be bombarded with questions on into the late hours and his enthusiasm and wonderment at how Philips now collaborates was very contagious.  From seeing the original internal communications task at hand as a major challenge he considers himself to be a complete digital convert, embracing video.  As people started to head home and said their good-byes, they left stating that they could see the true internal business need to embrace and connect within their own organisations.  Only now they left with lots of new ideas and connections to reach out to and collaborate with.

Kaltura video case study here:

September 2nd, 2013

Floss Weekly Episode 261: Kaltura Open Source Video Platform with Randal Schwartz and Dan Lynch

by Zohar Babin

randal-l-schwartz-floss-weeklyOn August 14th, we were  invited to share Kaltura on episode 261 of the FLOSS Weekly Show hosted by Randal Schwartz and Dan Lynch.

You can watch the full episode on this post below, or at the official show episode page, where you can also subscribe to future shows and watch some of the awesome previously recorded shows. You can also review the episode notes on FLOSS Weekly Wiki – Episode 261.


If you don’t know FLOSS Weekly already, Randal’s lightning intro below explains it best. Randal does a fantastic job at bringing exciting and interesting Open Source projects to the online [Video] Radio show.


Short summary of what we chatted about (and you can read more at FLOSS Weekly Wiki – Episode 261) -

  • What Kaltura is and why you should care.
  • Cover history and future of the Kaltura project, from making video a first class citizen of the web to world domination!
  • The recent move of the Kaltura Server repository from closed SVN to a fully open repository on .
  • Wikipedia + Kaltura and bringing video step closer to becoming as easy as text.
  • How to get involved with the Kaltura project, fork and contribute.
  • The upcoming Kaltura Connect 2013 conference that will take place on September 30 – October 1st in NYC.


To watch the full episode of FLOSS Weekly 261 – Kaltura, press play below, or visit the FLOSS Weekly episode page.

May 30th, 2013

Watch: Philips, Zappos, Oracle, Cornell, Intercall at Kaltura Video Summit 2013 (Video)

by Iddo Shai

Here at Kaltura we have been hard at work producing our next video summit. This year, our virtual conference will include two exciting days of video presentations, live Q&A and networking opportunities. Here is a sneak peek:

  • Kaltura Education Video Summit - Wednesday, June 12 2013
  • Kaltura Enterprise Video Summit - Thursday, June 13 2013

The presentations were shot in the US and across Europe with great speakers from Philips, Oracle, Zappos, Intercall, Cornell, Copenhagen Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University and many more. You can find the full agenda here. The conference will take place online and admission is completely free!

We hope to (virtually) see you at the event!

May 20th, 2013

The Stanford University School of Medicine Kaltura Video Meetup and Hackathon – May 28, 10am to 4pm

by Zohar Babin

stanford-medical-kaltura-hackWe’re really excited to invite you to our first Kaltura Education hackathon – The Stanford University School of Medicine Kaltura Video Meet-up and Hackathon.

Join the Stanford University School of Medicine and Kaltura for exciting video application hacking, learn about Kaltura in Stanford School of Medicine, build cutting-edge video applications and a chance to win awesome prizes!


Venue: Stanford University (3160 Porter Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94304)
Time: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PDT)


10:00am – 10:30am
Meet and greet

10:30am – 11:15am
Presentation by the Web Services team of Stanford School of Medicine

  • Identifying and transferring our videos from Akamai to Kaltura
  • Analyzing our current environment and preparing for the migration
  • Updating our core video script to utilize the Kaltura Dynamic Player
  • Utilizing the Kaltura API to execute a mass update of our thumbnail images
  • Installing, customizing and configuring MediaSpace in the Stanford Medicine context

11:20am – 12:30pm
Presentation by Kaltura – The Kaltura API and “Video Expirements”

  • Building Kaltura API based Video Applications
  • Showcase of exciting education related video experiences
  • Sneak Peeks into the future of online video

12:30pm – 1:00pm

1:00pm – 3:40pm
Hackathon: Building HTML5 Education Video Apps

3:40pm – 4pm
Hackathon Apps Showcase and Closing



Register to the event



March 13th, 2013

The New York HTML5 Hackfest Meetup Notes – March 2013

by Zohar Babin

Thank you for joining us last night at The NYC JavaScript & HTML5 Monthly Hackfest and for the amazing AlleyNYC for hosting us. We had a great fun (as always), and learned a lot.

For those who missed the meetup, here is a quick summary -

We’ve opened the evening with (pizza and drinks) Michael Dale, Player Framework Product Manager at Kaltura. Michael gave a presentation of the state of HTML5 video and writing a player framework, giving a walk-through of Kaltura’s HTML5 Player Framework and launching the evening into a hackfest of player plugins creation.

Following after, Costa Michailidis shared the beauty of SVG based web application design in a 5 minutes lightning talk about SGV. Judging by the exciting feedback this lightning talk received, we’ll have to followup with an in-depth SVG session in a future meetup!

We talked about HTML5 video, popcorn.js, mwEmbed, SVG and hacked on player plugins.


March 9th, 2013

Creating a Social TV Experience (Video)

by Iddo Shai

sxsw-kaltura-logo-2013_Hello from Austin, TX where SXSW Interactive 2013 is now in full swing. Yes, it’s raining (not exactly what we were promised) but inside the Austin Convention Center it’s dry and incredibly interesting. In the coming days we will share with you some of the most innovative video technologies and trends that we see here in the festival.

Let’s start with OVEE, which has taken on one of the biggest challenge of online TV – making the online experience truly social. In the case of OVEE, it was PBS that wanted to create a digital version of their community screenings, where people come together in different cities to watch and discuss PBS programming.

The result of this initiative is OVEE, which was financed by PBS (and therefore by the American tax-payers) and cost about 1.5 million to date. With OVEE one can quickly setup group screenings, share the link with others and then chat, show polls and use webcam streams to create a true social experience. Theoretically, the OVEE platform could be linked to any video stream (e.g. from Kaltura or YouTube), although for now it is only available for PBS programming.

You can see exactly how OVEE works in this short interview with Dennis Palmieri, Director of Innovation & Media Strategies, ITVS Independent Television Service. Stay tuned for more SXSW 2013 coverage!

December 4th, 2012

Register to Kaltura Education Video Summit Today! (Video)

by Iddo Shai

This week Kaltura will have one of its most exciting events of the year – the first ever Education Video Summit. This will be a virtual event with video presentations by some of the most innovative professionals that are transforming education and knowledge sharing with video. Get a sneak peek at some of the presentations in this short video.

The agenda includes speakers from Yale, Cornell and UNH as well as leading enterprises as SAP, Oracle, Accenture and InterCall. All attendees will also have a chance to ask questions and network with others via chat. Registration is now open and completely free.

We look forward to (virtually) seeing you this Thursday!

(Music for the video used with permission from

August 21st, 2012

Join Us For The Kaltura Community Office Hours Tomorrow @ 4pm Eastern

by Zohar Babin

Join us for the first “Kaltura Community Office Hours” Google Hangout tomorrow at 4pm Eastern!

During this meeting we’ll be talking with Andrew Davis and Michael Dale about best practices for including Kaltura videos in Web Applications, and Thomas Huzij, who will announce a new Kaltura application and discuss mixing Kaltura with PayPal APIs in ways that open new and exciting opportunities for small publishers and content creators to monetize online video quickly and easily.

The Kaltura Community Office Hours are a great opportunity for developers to meet the core Kaltura team and ask questions about integration best practices that will help you write less code that does more. We have a loose but formal structure for the beginning of the meetings, that quickly lead to open discussion about all things online video and Kaltura. All questions are welcome—if you’re having an issue with any part of the Kaltura platform this is an excellent opportunity to tell the developers how we can better serve you.

Join us and bring any questions to the Office Hours Hangout!

July 26th, 2012

The Falcon is Released: 5 Highlights of Kaltura’s New Version

by Asef.Ahmed

The wait is finally over! Kaltura’s newest version, Falcon, is in the air. We deployed the Falcon upgrade on July 15th for our SaaS customers, providing improvements to our core platform and correspondingly to our applications and widgets. Furthermore, the majority of these updates were made available automatically on the 15thin our users’ KMC account at no charge. As with all previous Kaltura versions, Falcon is fully backward compatible, so all your API based applications will continue to work as is. Additionally,we’re now performing rigorous QA test and improvements to release the self-hosted CE and On-Prem releases.

With so many new features and advanced capabilities, we thought it would be nice to break down five main highlights of Falcon’s amazing new properties.

 1.  Kaltura Player and Playback:

  • New Flash Player Templates: Our default player templates include a new user interface, layout and look.  These will be available for selection and customization via the KMC Application Studio.
  • Video Discovery and “Related Videos”: This new feature facilitates additional content discovery by suggesting related videos, generated automatically or configured by editorial selection, at the end of each video play.

 2.  Kaltura Management Console upgrade:

  • Category Enhancements: Categories are significantly upgraded.  Custom metadata, search and bulk actions, and user entitlements are now available at the Category level.
  • User-level Analytics: With appropriate configuration, administrators will now be able to see which specific users consumed which specific videos, providing answers to questions like “Did the Rolling Stone reviewer watch the screener through to the end?”
  • Usage Reporting Enhancements: New usage reports give clearer visibility into the usage and expected billing for your account.
  • User Management Enhancements & Entitlement: Administrators will now be able to manage users of MediaSpace and custom applications through Kaltura Management Console.  Administrative options include: defining which end user can access each category and with what permissions; the moderation policy for each category; bulk operations on users and more. (For more information about content entitlement: click HERE)

 3.  MediaSpace 4:

Our core Falcon upgrades enable a major step forward for our MediaSpace video collaboration product: MediaSpace 4.  This new version extends MediaSpace’s capabilities beyond small teams to enable true Enterprise-class managed collaboration — empowering many contributors, moderators and viewers in a multitude of channels, projects and communities.  Key features include:

  • Enhanced Channel Functionality: Create private channels restricted to selected users or groups, or open channels that all authenticated users can access.  Group content in complex ways, with fine-grain control over policies for listing, privacy, membership, contribution, moderation and more.  Manage the channels directly from MediaSpace or from Kaltura Management Console (KMC).  Support use cases such as department channels, community channels, individual contributor channels, project collaboration channels, and more.
  • Authentication and authorization: A new and more flexible single sign-on model supports different scenarios.  Users can be managed in Kaltura, in an existing organizational system (such as LDAP) or in a hybrid model.
  • Sharing content across applications: A new “My Media” section travels across Kaltura applications, allowing centralized access to content.
  • MediaSpace SaaS beta: Kaltura will be offering MediaSpace 4 as a hosted service as well as a standalone install.  Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in participating in the beta program.

4.  For Developers:

  • iOS and Android Reference Apps: Kaltura’s new reference apps dramatically shorten the development time required to create rich media apps on Android and iOS.  These apps provide the basic framework of a video-focused application out-of-the-box, including advanced features such as: a custom player with bitrate selector; managed, resumeable file upload from camera capture or gallery; sharing on Facebook, Twitter and email; browse and search with auto-complete; and much more.
  • API Enhancements: Multiple new API classes have been added, supporting end-user management, entitlement and user-level analytics, category enhancements, and other features.  Detailed documentation will be provided with the final release.

 5.  Multi-Account Administration Console:

Falcon includes an entirely new application for the control and management of multiple accounts.  The Multi-Account console allows consolidated usage reporting, template setting for new accounts, single sign on for admins, and more.  (Please note this is an extra-cost option for most packages; contact your Account Manager if interested in learning more.)


This major upgrade is the product of many months of effort on the part of our development and product teams, and we are proud to share it with you.  We look forward to your feedback on these new changes, and to your participation in the continuing growth of the Kaltura community. Please share your comments below and for more information visit the knowledge center or click HERE to view our User Manual for Falcon.


July 18th, 2012

Highlights from The Community Leadership Summit (Video)

by Iddo Shai

When was the last time you have been to a conference with no pre-defined schedules, no official presentations, no slides, very few sponsors but full of professionals who master their craft and eager to share their thoughts. Sounds awesome? Well, welcome to The Community Leadership Summit (CLS).

The conference took place in Portland, Oregon last week, just before OSCON started. As always, we found it to be super useful and a lot of fun. Most of the participants were Community Managers from a variety of fields. The sessions were all round-table discussions led by conference participants. Some of the most talked about sessions were: Gamification War Stories, Community Metrics, How to Deal with A#!holes, Internationalization, Can Webinars Die? etc.

Since we found CLS to be such a helpful experience, we wanted to share with you the interviews we filmed there. We asked our interviewees what were the most interesting sessions, what they had learned, what makes a good Community Manager, and what trends they are seeing in community management.

Please enjoy and share. For more details about the sessions, check out the CLS wiki.

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